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How to take your accounting career to the next level

How to take your accounting career to the next level

While working in the field of accounting can be rewarding on many different levels, it’s only natural that you wish to boost your career with a promotion or new challenge.

While the desire is clearly there, though, the biggest challenge is discovering how to make it happen.

Here are five simple solutions to find new accounting jobs and take your career to the next level.


1| Build a love for continuous learning

It's not overstating it to say that continued education is the root of all success.

While you already have a degree and other formal qualifications under your belt, it’s never too late to learn, and time and again it has been shown that those who continue to add to their skills via continuous learning are the most likely to continue to level-up their careers.

Whether it’s taking on another accounting course, learning to use advanced finance software or building other subsidiary skills in digital technologies, client service or marketing - building a love for continuous learning and working to grow an enquiring mind are keys to long-term career success.


2| Know Where To find Jobs

If you're focused on bettering yourself through continuous education and mentoring,  then an internal promotion can be a strong possibility but, if you are truly eager to find a new opportunity, you need to also consider moving to another company.

Finding the latest vacancies on a dedicated platform aimed at careers in accounting and finance is a crucial step en route to success - building on this can also require working to grow a strong network of people around you who can help to mentor you and grow your skills and knowledge - they'll also be there to let you know when new roles that fir your skills and background come around.


3| Consider Relocation

Moving to a new city can also open the door to new job opportunities and better paid roles.

Accountancy careers with larger firms in major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra are likely to pay more than working in the suburbs or in smaller centres. That’s just how business works - being aware of this and being ready to re-locate if necessary can assist with your growth.


4| Invest In Yourself

Spoiler alert: you don’t only get judged on your accountancy skills.

Investing in your health, education, knowledge of the industry and even your professional appearance could be key steps en route to winning new clients and landing better jobs.

If nothing else, those improvements will help to increase your confidence and encourage you to try.


5| Create Your Own Opportunities

If the job marketplace isn’t providing the finance and accounting prospects that you desire, why not make things happen for yourself?

Starting a business, even as a side hustle, could be the key to increased earnings and putting fate in your hands.