• East Brisbane

Looking for a fresh start in mortgage broking?

You won't find a better opportunity.

East Brisbane location close to Clem Jones Tunnel exit.

Proposed salary: Part-time salary, plus 50% net commission on the deals I give you, which we workshop together. Plus 70% net commission on the deals you bring in, which we also workshop.


I am an experienced broker in Brisbane with too many leads and too many deals.

In the last year, there were around 20 settled deals that I needed to pass on to someone else, as I am already working too much overtime.

Would you like to be that person?


In order to apply, you need to be:

- Cert IV in mortgage broking.

- Willing to work part-time as an assistant, on a part-time basic salary, and to be good at it. during this time you will be working on my deals and tasks, not your deals.

- Willing to use the rest of your day to action any and all leads and deals that come to you. I am available during this time to help and workshop your deals with you.

- Willing to work 2 out of three Saturday mornings on average year round.

- Interested in taking more and more responsibility within the business over the next decade, and to be re-numerated as such.

- Driven, articulate, well presented, a team player - able to sacrifice. Experts not required. We are students of the market, not 'know it alls'.

You will be given:

Your own desk, a more than half decent mentor, reasonable flexibility just hit your targets, and the opportunity to become a partner in the company one day.

Please send CV to [email protected] and make an effort.