Coronis Mortgage & Finance

Mortgage & Finance brokerage Associated with the Coronis Group of Real Estate Agencies.

20 Jun, 2022
Full time
$75,000 - $120,000 yearly
Coronis Mortgage & Finance
About the Coronis Group The Coronis Group is a family-owned real estate business established in the late 1980s that has a strong presence in South East Queensland with a reach of offices Australia-wide. Since the Coronis Group launched its finance division in 2015 it has revolutionised the mortgage and real estate partnership. This has been achieved by maximising the referral relationships between our sales agents ( who sell 3 x more than the average agent per month),   along with the property management team who connect with landlords & tenants at the right point in their property journey. 10 super agencies, (Hubs) with over 100 Real estate agents 9,722 enquires into the Coronis Group (Month of April 2022) $5.7 Billion of investment properties under management Over $1 Billion of Loan settled since 2015 In house conveyancing settling 201 files (Month of April 2022) The Role Immediately we are looking to integrate two brokers into our offices at...