Sweet Dreamers | Ewan the Dream Sheep

In addition to the "Mother and Baby Award" and "The Gift of the Year," information on Ewan the sheep accolades can be seen on his box's front and back. The company's contact information and a brief description of Ewan are also prominently placed on the back of the container (which are shown in several different languages). Three AAA batteries are required to power Ewan, and you may discover the battery pack in his stomach, hidden behind a Velcro closure. For those worried parents, the batteries are housed behind a little door locked by a small screw. You can see a nice warm 'glow' on Ewan's belly when a sound is chosen. You can activate one of the low-frequency sounds by pressing his leg, and each leg has a distinct sound. When we listen to the womb and heartbeat sounds, it makes our baby girl feel secure. It also reminds us of our daughter's heartbeat during midwife checkups, so we love it so much. For more info about Ewan the dream sheep visit our website.