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To learn more, get in touch with us. Your career, job offer, family, or other specific circumstances may qualify you to apply for a green card (permanent residency). In exceptional cases, you could even be able to self-petition or have a record for permanent residence produced on your behalf. The field of law that regulates the acquisition, exploitation, and sale of real estate is known as property law. It establishes criteria for who may possess property and how they can use it. With our years of expertise, we at TEZ law can help you conclude these agreements safely and successfully. At TEZ Law, we have defended people and businesses from all over the globe in a range of regulatory investigations, government investigations, and other federal offences, including white-collar crime. For those of our clients who are dealing with federal accusations, we provide outstanding counsel. Our real estate attorney Los Angeles has about ten years of expertise defending individuals accused of federal charges. Federal crimes demand a real estate lawyers los angeles with a technical and exact understanding.