STAC Capital

Most people refer to us as “STAC”. Inspired by the term ‘capital stack’ and fortuitously also a fusion of our founders’ initials, in 2017 the STAC brand was born. The union of Mark Trayner and Dale Sparke, two senior commercial bankers who turned their backs on corporate life in search of a better way to connect the business and property sector with finance options, without clients having to sacrifice or settle for subpar deals.

At STAC, we have three sub-brands:

  1. STAC PROPERTY - the largest part of STAC, the focus is on property developments and commercial properties of all sizes and sectors. From spec-homes and duplexes, to towers and master-planned communities. Whilst we do some Bank Senior Debt, roughly 3/4 of our deals are Non-Bank Senior, Mezzanine Debt and Preferential Equity. With 300+ lenders in our database, no matter what the project, asset or deal needs to look like, we can get it done.
  2. STAC BUSINESS - from overdrafts and car loans, through to corporate finance for companies turning over $200m - again, our reach into the business and corporate banks, as well as institutional fund managers, allows us to put together deals no matter how complex.
  3. STAC HOME - the mortgage broking part of our business, we only started this 3 years after STAC started. Whilst we do the standard "Mum & Dad" lending, by nature of our other sub-brands, we do a huge amount of big ticket self-employed and high-net-worth lending.

Partnering with some of Australia’s most aspiring brands, we know how to match the deal to the mission.

STAC was born out of the frustration of wanting to get more deals done for our clients. Our motivation has always been to provide clients with choice and certainty. But it’s our people and approach that make this possible. We cherry pick those who share the same drive and ambition, from ex bankers to experienced brokers. We love the thrill of the chase and we never settle for subpar deals.

We also know that there’s more to life than just our loan book, and that’s what underpins how we play. When you come on as a STAC broker, you run your own show. From your hours to your effort, you decide how you work, and we’ll provide the tools, resources, and support, to do so effectively. We’re big on helping each other out, so while you’ll never have the burden of being micromanaged, you’ll also never feel out on your own.

Some other key benefits of being a broker at STAC include:

  • Industry-leading remuneration, including Salaried and Contractor models (subject to the role type).
    • For Contractors (nil base salary), on top of an industry-leading commission/fee split, you also have the right to leave STAC in future and take your trail book, you just need to buy out STAC's share at the fair market rate.
  • With our own ACL, we're not restricted to an Aggregator's panel.
  • An internal referral model that allows you to make money out of every type of deal - home, property and business - even if that's not your expertise; simply refer to an expert in that type of deal and you'll get 20% of the gross commissions/fees for doing no works (which then frees you up to focus on doing what you are an expert in = win-win for everyone, including the client).
  • In Property & Business, we have every resource and template you could ever need, together with a true team collaboration culture, that supports you to get every type and size of deal done.