DXC Technology - BOQ/VMA Account

DXC Technology is a global IT and Tech company that also assists many originations with outsourced back office processes. These positions relate to the BOQ / VMA BPO (Business Processing Office) which complete the majority of tasks after Unconditional Approval of facilities with task such as Doc Prep, Doc Exam, Settlements, Discharges and Loans Maintenance. 

17 Jan, 2023
Full time
$86,000 - $95,000 yearly
DXC Technology - BOQ/VMA Account
DXC Technology holds the contract with BOQ/VMA for the BPO (Business Production Centre). This is a national centre looking after the majority of post approval tasks ie Doc Prep, Doc Exam, Settlements etc. We currently have a vacancy for the Team Leader of the Loans Maintenance Team, this team handles requests for variations, corrections, updates after settlement ie Pricing Requests, interest adjustments, Hardships etc. The team has 18 staff and we are looking for a Finance Leader with skills in People Management, SLA and KPI accountability, Forecast / Planning and high morale judgement skills. The role is in office, in Brisbane, though WFH is available on occasion. Contact is best via email, happy to discuss further.