Society for International Executive Protection

Wearesix is pleased to offer Executive Shield, a comprehensive training program designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to enhance their international executive protection and safeguard themselves in a variety of situations. Whether you are an executive, a high-profile individual, or a safety-conscious individual, our program is tailored to meet your specific requirements. The Executive Shield training program covers a variety of essential topics and practical exercises, ensuring that participants gain the confidence and skills necessary to effectively mitigate risks. The essential elements of our program are as follows: We provide in-depth training on threat awareness, teaching participants how to recognize potential risks, evaluate their environments, and anticipate potential threats. By recognizing the warning signs of peril, participants can manage their own safety proactively. Executive protection training emphasizes the growth of situational awareness skills. Participants are taught how to observe their surroundings, recognize anomalous behavior, and make informed decisions to maintain their safety in a variety of contexts. Techniques of Self-Defense: We provide comprehensive training in self-defense, teaching effective techniques for personal protection. Hand-to-hand combat, defensive maneuvers, and de-escalation strategies are a few of the fundamental skills covered by our experienced instructors as they guide participants through practical exercises. Travel Security: Our program incorporates travel security training for individuals who travel domestically or internationally frequently. Participants are instructed in planning secure travel routes, navigating unfamiliar environments, and mitigating risks associated with transportation, lodging, and public spaces. We equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively respond in emergency situations. From medical emergencies to active shooter situations, our training program covers emergency response protocols, first aid techniques, and communication strategies to ensure the safety of all participants and those in the surrounding area. At Wearesix, we place a premium on the effectiveness and quality of our training programs. Our instructors' extensive backgrounds in executive protection security, law enforcement, and military operations guarantee that participants receive superior instruction based on actual experience.