Marie Antonette Designs

We exemplify the qualities of an esteemed Chicago interior designer at Marie Antonette Designs. By developing an intimate relationship with each client, we are able to discern their unique preferences and way of life. With this comprehension in mind, we create designs that harmoniously combine their fundamental nature with practicality. Our distinctive aesthetic combines timeless components, vivid colors, and striking embellishments, custom-designed to complement the individuality and way of life of every client. What was the result? Inwards that emanate coziness, allure, and enduring beauty, thereby mirroring the essence of life in Chicago.

Marie Antonette Designs is a leading Los Angeles interior designer, extending our reach beyond the Windy City. Our steadfast dedication persists in both urban areas: to imbue areas with individuality, elegance, and practicality. Whether situated in the dynamic metropolis of Chicago or the relaxed opulence of Los Angeles, our architectural creations serve as symbols of our unwavering commitment to furnishing environments that evoke the essence of our designs patrons.