Senior Finance Specialist - Investment Property

$1,000 - $2,000 weekly
  • Phoenix Property Consultants
  • Remote (Work From Home, Zoom, Client Homes with weekly office meeting in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast)
  • 29 Jul, 2020
Contractor (Retainer + Commissions) Broker (Experienced)

Job Description

We are a boutique Investment Property business selling about one Investment Property a week – average loan would be $550,000 plus 50% of clients or more will do a refinance.

No marketing or business generation is required; no time is wasted with clients that may or may not proceed.  You will be provided with clients who have already signed contracts to purchase properties.  90% of our contracts settle.

  • Working on a 40 week work year we would expect to write $20,000,000 to $30,000,000 a year
  • We have 20 sales for the first half of 2020

Our points of difference in this industry are;

  1. Our Managing Director has over 30 years expertise and experience in Financial Planning, Financial Advice, and Investment Advice so we can give specific financial and investment advice relating to property, mortgage reduction, and tax savings to our clients;
  2. We are independent of any developer or builder or marketing team and we do NOT have a stock list of properties we must sell;
  3. We identify our clients’ needs and then, if suitable, find the best property to suit their needs;

We make Three Promises to our clients;

  1. There is no cost or obligation to our clients until they have all the answers they need to be sure what we are recommending is correct and we have proved to them that the advice, estimates, and recommendation we have give are correct;
  2. It will not cost our clients any more to have our team help them implement the recommended plan than if they did everything themselves;
  3. We will get them the best outcome possible.

Currently with the Covid-19 issues over 50% of our business is SMSF; experience with SMSF lending is essential.

  • We do not charge a plan or broker or any other fee to our clients;
  • For all SMSF we get a pre-approval before setting up the SMSF.

Our direct (in clients own name) investment property clients are mostly house and land – so experience with construction loans is essential.

Ideally we need a competent capable broker that;

  1. Would like some flexibility in work hours and location;
  2. Is not a great lead / business generator;
  3. Does not want to run or manage their own business;
  4. Puts clients first;
  5. Is a great team player
  6. Will work under direction.

We are very particular about the loan structures and strategies we use and recommended (no bias to any bank or lender);

  1. For SMSF we want to use a P&I loan that will see the property paid off by retirement that is NOT reliant on any additional contributions (above the 9.5% employer contribution);
  2. For Direct Investment property we use;
    1. Split loan – cost and deposit against PPR and 80% to 90% against the IP
    2. Sometimes use two banks
    3. Interest only loan
    4. Loan about 110% of purchase price to cover all purchase costs plus allow a safety-net for future what ifs of about $10,000

You will report to our Managing Director and follow his directions (within responsible lending, ATO, and ASIC legislation requirement) and will have the following responsibilities;

  1. 5 to 10 borrowing capacity assessments a week;
  • Require within a half day turnaround

Contact clients within a reasonable time frame of getting Sales Advice to introduce yourself and explain loan structures; Work with my sales team to get all necessary finance documents so loans can be lodged within a reasonable time frame Expect on average to lodge 1 x client loan group per week

  • Cost & deposit loan
  • IP Loan
  • Refinance of PPR loan

Some weeks will be no loans and some will be more

 Financial / contract relationship is up for negotiation and will be by ABN contract and may include

  • Commission split
  • Retainer (weekly payment) plus smaller commission
  • JV
  • Other

Not negotiable is that your are part of our team, and our business takes priority, you must work to tight time frames, and we always look after the client’s best interest.

Contact Harold Upton

0408 000 555

[email protected]