Time to become a broker?

  • Wilson Financial
  • Remote (We are close to Sydney but will talk to all candidates)
  • 30 Oct, 2020
Contractor (Commissions Only) Broker (Experienced) Broker (Trainee) Loan Processor Para-Broker

Job Description

Looking to step up?

Are you a processor working for a firm or a processing unit and looking to step up and into your own as a broker? Seeking a contracting role with full flexibility to OWN your results and the income, as well as have full flexibility to go at the pace the rest of your life needs?

Want to work in a team that values technology, best practice, incredible outcomes, diversification and mentors available in all facets of the business?

The future is virtual. I run an established broking firm operating for nearly two decades and many of our trusted repeat clients contact us virtually. Additionally there is scope to grow your own book and network within our brand wherever you are. I’m willing to talk to you no matter where you are, but operate in a region where the average loan size is strong so you would benefit from this regardless of where you are. I need a team member that can work autonomously but sees value in a team, needs mentoring, and wants the protection of a dedicated lead source, diversification, software and support. 

There is safety in numbers and you see that or else you wouldn't be reading this. 

You must have 2 years processing experience and be willing to go on a commission split and hit the ground running stepping up into that broker role. You must have managed client expectations and gotten to a point where you can run the show, and are ready to take on the full drivers seat, not just the navigation.

You must have strength in policy and numbers, the detail, but have an ability to empathise and sooth your clients. These are the cornerstones of success for a broker - do you have what it takes?

You must be excited about your future, of running your own show, but haven’t found the team and mentor to support you yet. You believe in the success of others and not just yourself, and are ready to take a leap of faith in yourself.

I would add that additionally, if you are experienced in personal loans for consumers, there is scope within the business to adopt all of these leads as well.

If this is you, reach out today to discuss this opportunity with us now.