Asset & Personal Loan broker

  • EZFinance
  • Remote
  • 05 Jan, 2022
Contractor (Commissions Only) Broker (Experienced)

Job Description

EZFinance is expanding and looking for people with experience in the Asset & Personal Loan space. Whilst most of our Brokers write mortgages, they are not too experienced in the asset space. Car loans, business loans & Personal loans are very lucrative and if you work in the commercial space, the compliance becomes a little easier.

EZFinance is launching our Asset arm and need people in that space. If you are looking to diversify or simply migrate away from writing mortgages, and you have been in finance for at least 2 years, you need to speak with us.

Whilst keeping your existing business in place, you have the ability to trade under our umbrella as “You” or trade as EZFinance. We are launching our new Marketing platform for our brokers where they can simply “Pull a lever” to turn on and off leads and we have established a separate pathway for referral partners to generate leads for you.

Just like with your current broker business, you have control of your own destiny,- we can help you with our unique structure and opportunities. Our Director has Mentored Brokers in the past, and has recently completed one of the only professional Coaching courses in Australia, ( Certified Professional Business Advisor (CPBA) through the Institute of Advisors) to begin actually offering this high level of coaching to the brokers in our group, at no cost. Mentoring can take you so far, a business coach concentrates on building a successful business, not on how to write a deal and compliance, you should already know that. Most brokers just don’t know how to market themselves or create referral relationships or wear the many other hats that are needed in running a business. The only difference between YOU and the other broker that writes a 100 million Dollars’ worth of loans a year, is that the other broker has a good lead source(s) – other than that, really, you are both the same. (just bear in mind that to write $1mil in loans p/a,  requires a few changes in the way you do business)

There is a new year coming and this is the perfect time to change your business around and set yourself up for success, ready for the New Year. You can see more about us here ( )  to find out more about this outstanding opportunity.